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There is a certain romance about an interior space which has been tented in fabric. I’m not sure whether this comes from references of campaign safari sites in Africa or the traditional British aristocratic dwellings of a by gone era but what ever it is I like them all!

We had great fun creating 3 beautiful teepees for Saturday Indesign in Sydney last year with some amazing Kelim rugs from Cadry’s collection. I would love to create something similar for my nieces and nephews to play in!

Hessian was my weapon of my choice last New Years Eve when I entertained in my apartment with my natural safari theme. For the $40 investment at Bunnings, I’d say it was worth the effort.

Below are many more examples of how you can use tenting to make your world that little bit more exotic.


Sydney, Australia

Field Notes


Main Image: European Loft Interior Design – Ando Studio
Side Image 1: Ralph Lauren Teepee
Side Image 2: Aman Resorts
Side Image 3: World of Interiors

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