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Field Notes - Maison et Objet 2012/13 – Inspired Furniture

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Maison et Objet 2012/13 – Inspired Furniture

Buying furniture internationally is not as glamorous or easy as many think it is. Generally you have to think creatively when interpreting a collection and ensure you’re curating for your brand. In many cases, a buyer will end up designing their own pieces, so Maison et Object is the perfect place to start the creative process. With so many inspirational furniture pieces – even if they’re not exactly right, they are the perfect way to get inspired.

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Below are some of the furniture pieces that inspired me the most whilst at the show.



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cr-timothy-oulton-002 cr-timothy-oulton-001 cr-timothy-oulton-004 To-tile-01 cr-timothy-oulton-005
max-sparrow-3 cr-lamericano-001 cr-lamericano-003 cr-lamericano-004
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