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Surreal Realism ‘Terra Incognita’

Steve Back is an established architectural and interiors photographer and an emerging art photographer. Having shot interiors for Coco Republic, he also has many other local and international clients from… Read More.


Colour Trend: Blue Crush

Ok, so I know Emerald was announced as the 2013 Pantone Colour of the Year and I am so not on trend for getting excited about a colour that has… Read More.


Cabinet of Curiosities

Furnishing a home is hard work, particularly when it comes to making it more personal.  How many times have you stood in front of your cabinet, display case, desk, console… Read More.


Bali Design: Infinity Pools

The infinity pool is said to have begun in Bali, inspired by the dramatic staggered reflections the vast terraced rice paddies create. The designs of some of the infinity pools… Read More.


Top of the Town: The Rook

The latest drinking destination, THE ROOK has opened in an unexpected Sydney rooftop. Nestled high above the buildings, as the bar’s namesake bird does, THE ROOK can only be reached… Read More.


Exterior Wallpaper: Bringing the Inside Out

Well summer is definitely here in Australia, and we are all desperate to spend more time outside. The Italian wallpaper company Wall & Decò have come up with an incredible… Read More.

Hare & Klein's Mosman House photographer Anson Smart

Federation Revivial by Hare & Klein

I have long admired Meryl Hare, of Hare & Klein, for her original and inspired interior schemes. As an interior design firm, Hare & Klein have a consistent way of… Read More.

Field Notes

The Romance of Fairy Lights

Winter Light is a stunning installation that has just started in Japan, and will be on display until March next year. The millions of lights create a glittery twinkly atmosphere,… Read More.


Hidden Treasure: David Bromley's Studio Auction

Ok, indulge me for just a minute; imagine that they had been able to pull the Titanic out of the depths of the sea 50 years after it sunk. Now… Read More.


A Concrete Jungle

No longer a rough, raw building foundation, concrete is one of the most surprising elements used in contemporary interior design today. As one of the easiest ways to achieve the… Read More.


Christmas Decorating: Keeping It Simple

It’s the beginning of December we all know what that means – it’s well and truly time to start the Christmas decorating.  I am no scrooge, but this year, the… Read More.


Queens Park Terrace Home by Alexander and Co

Embarking on the complete renovation of my own home was one of my most exciting projects to date.  My partner Tess and I have two young children, with one on… Read More.

Jeremy Bull

Timothy Oulton Launch Event Wrap

Timothy Oulton grand opening launch took place in Sydney, on Wednesday 14th November at Coco Republic’s Design Centre.   The grand opening launch took place with over 260 top Australian… Read More.


Juicy Decorating for the Festive Season

Want a fresh fun and fragrant way to decorate your table this summer? Why not use fruit? Whether it is an edible centrepiece or just for show, citrus fruits bring… Read More.


Inspired Outdoor Fabrics for Summer

With the arrival of Summer upon us, it’s time to start making sure our outdoor spaces are as immaculately dressed as our interiors. help writing college essays Below, Dean Boone… Read More.

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