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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Read on if you dare; charcoal walls are not for the faint hearted.  Or so you may think… 

With a frightening ability to suck light from a room and create moody, unwelcoming shadowy spaces, charcoal or ink black walls are often shunned in lieu of trendy, fresh white-on-white surfaces.  However, throw aside black’s doom and gloom stereotype and you’re left with a very dramatic and exciting interior design concept.

Applied simply as a single feature wall and teamed back with bright white furnishings or a hint of soft colour, black walls add an unexpected energy to a room.  Surprisingly suited to both contemporary and traditional spaces, it’s a colour scheme accessible to many.

One of the most daring uses of black wall paint I’ve come across is the Berlin apartment of set designer Sylvester Kozioleks.  With almost every surface from the floor up drenched in inky black, the effect is something like a contemporary art gallery, where furniture and accessories catch the light and emerge from the darkness like actors in the spotlight.

Tried and tested is the stunning Dulux Matt Paint in Dark Secret 05/000, but I’d love to hear other recommendations.  Has anyone tried this look at home?


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