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Veneta Console Table

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Crafted from natures antique, travertine a metamorphic rock born millions of years ago finds its way into a contemporary setting.
Measurements & weights

W: 1524mm x D: 406mm x H: 762mm

Weight: 85 kg

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  • Care Instructions
    Care Instructions

    · Stone is very delicate and must be cleaned with pH neutral, gentle cleaners.
    · Acids, even the mild acid in vinegar, will dissolve the finish and permanently etch the surface.
    · Please note stone is very porous and therefore it likes to soak in liquid spills. If liquid spills do occur, wipe it dry as soon as possible by blotting dry with a clean cloth.
    · The best method for cleaning stone and removing any marks is to wet a clean cloth with lukewarm water.
    · You can use a very mild detergent to remove any tricky stains, however, this should not occur more than once every few months.
    · Do not place glasses directly on the stone and always use a dry cloth to dry and shine the stone to prevent liquids from getting into the stone core.

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The Veneta Console Table in Travertine expresses a neutral form through its simple design. This statement piece is exemplified by the beauty of the metamorphic rock that is ancient Travertine. Born millions of years ago when limestone compounds with the elements this piece will add instant character and aesthetic solidity to any interior.
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& Dimensions

For specific product dimensions, please refer to the diagram.

Measurements & weights

W: 1524mm x D: 406mm x H: 762mm

Weight: 85 kg

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