Autumn Is Here: Warm Your Home With Our Must-Have Autumn Textures.

Autumn is here and we are already feeling like the weather is getting cooler and the landscape is changing. One of the best ways to create warmth in your home to prepare for the cooler months, is by adding subtle textures that make a large difference. Some beautiful textures include: leather, boucle, fur, linen and add some beautiful lighting.


Anyone that lives in Australia, knows that leather is certainly not a summery material. However, in antithesis, it is perfect for creating warmth in your home. Add leather to your home by investing in a beautiful occasional chair, sofa or even simply some leather cushions. We love the retro Clement Occasional Chair, the deep-seated comfort of the Elba Sofa and the Paolo Italian Leather Cushions that can enhance any sofa.

Pictured above: the Elba Sofa, Breu Occasional Chair, Sava Rug & Oslo Coffee Table


Besides being the hottest material at the moment, Boucle is extremely snug. Investing in boucle will not only stand out in your home, it will keep you warm this autumn/winter. Our top Coco Republic boucle picks include: the Milou Swivel Chair, the Jackson Desk Chair and the Phoenix Dining Chair.

Pictured above: Milou Swivel Chair


Toss a fur throw on your bed, chairs or sofas at home to add some depth to your furniture. Not only will it create a more inviting space, but it was will feel extra cosy too. Our Faux Fur Throw is as stylish as it is soft and is beautiful to live with.

Pictured above: Marta Modular Sofa, Nobu Burnt Flower Wood Coffee TableFaux Fur Throw


Linen homewares’ pieces are perfect for all year-round. They are light, soft and sophisticated. We recommend adding a beautiful linen throw or cushion to your sofa, bed or occasional chair, as they elevate the tones of the furniture. Our favourite Coco Republic linen pieces the Zivah 100% Linen Throw and the Zivah 100% Linen Cushion.

Pictured above: The Ashley Sofa, Arden Mirrored Coffee Table, Zivah 100% Linen Cushions, Penelope Rug, Salon Chair


Lighting is an important way to create more warmth in the cooler months. Days are getting shorter and natural light isn’t beaming in as much. Floor and table lamps are an important way to create an inviting feel to your home. Our top lighting picks are: the Noah Alabaster Floor Lamp, the Aleka Table Lamp and the Baleno Pendant.

Pictured above: Noah Alabaster Floor Lamp