Elevate Your Bedroom Sanctuary

The Coco Republic 2021 Bedroom Catalogue

Your bedroom should be your haven, a place where you feel the utmost relaxation at the end of the day. Feel inspired to elevate your bedroom with the Coco Republic first-ever bedroom catalogue.

“Often forgotten, it’s a fact that we spend more time in our bedroom than any other room in the home. Sure you’re asleep for most of it, but the ultimate sign of luxury is to go to sleep and wake up inspired and rested” ~ Anthony Spon-Smith, Co-owner & Creative Director.

To create the ultimate sanctuary, we have the perfect tips to help.

Bed As The Focal Point

Your bed is arguably the most important piece in the room, so make sure you pick the right mattress, pillows and bedhead/ frame. When looking for your base or frame, opt for a versatile look to complement any decor.

The Assouline Bedhead, new to our collection will add a touch of softness and style to your bedroom. Its versatile design will perfectly suit a classic or contemporary bedroom.

Another standout piece in the 2021 Bedroom Catalogue includes the Hermitage Four Poster Bed. Its sophisticated design will be sure to create a statement in your bedroom.

Load Up On Storage

To reduce the amount of clutter in your bedroom, be sure to have plenty of storage to create a calm and serene environment. Choose chest of drawers to fit your clothing and bedding linen, a shelf to store books or homewares and most importantly, a bedside table to store your favourite bedside books, your prized possessions and to hold a lamp.

Lighting Matters

Lighting serves several purposes in a bedroom. It not only creates an ambience, but also task lighting for your night time reading needs. Opt for a practical table lamp, a standout pendant light for functionality or a floor lamp as an artistic decor piece.

The Finishing Touches

To complete your bedroom’s aesthetic, add decor and homewares’ pieces. Just by adding a few decorative cushions and throws on your bed can elevate your space.

Add mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of space.