Our tips to finding the perfect Sofa to suit your life and your space.

A sofa says a lot about a room and defines what the purpose of the room will become. Will you decide on a soft ‘cloud’ like modular built for comfort, lounging and informal use or will you opt for a more traditional structured piece, one that creates a more formal and sophisticated approach with the aim of elevating a space.

Before diving into the incredibly diverse and complex world of sofa shopping, take a moment to reconnect and reflect on what you hope the purpose of the room will serve. Write it down. Remember this and do not allow yourself to forget why you originally embarked on this journey. This will stand as your north star, whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the process, remind yourself of what you are looking for and most importantly why.

Once you have your purpose locked in. It’s time to narrow down the field. Narrowing the field will give you direction. At Coco Republic we like to call these key guiding principles the six ‘S’; Shape, Size, Style, Shade and Sensitivity.

1. Shape

The orientation of the room will often determine this for you but nailing down what kind of shape or shapes will functionally work within a space is crucial. There are simple questions to ask yourself I.e are you hoping to have your sofa centred as the key focal point of the room? Or are you hoping for the Sofa to follow the natural curve of the wall.

Curved shapes often add intrigue and excitement to a room as they are often perceived as unexpected. Whereas, a more robust rectangular shape offers a sense of calm and a sense of familiarity.

When thinking about what shape you would like, don’t be afraid to take notes and cues from the natural curves and forms within a space- this often adds to the overall character of a space.

2. Size

Measure, measure and MEASURE! Take the time to take detailed measurements of your space. Be sure to keep these measurements with you at all times.

3. Style

Whether you are redecorating a space or starting from the beginning, take the time to explore different styles of interiors to find what you like. From flipping through a magazine or scrolling through online inspiration, look for patterns, tones, materials, and layouts that resonate with you. Be sure to keep track of these moments of inspiration as they will inevitably reveal what style you are most drawn to.

Be sure to follow a level of consistency. This doesn’t mean every single piece has to match perfectly with everything in the broader space, some people love this but some people find this approach too uniformed.

When we say to look for consistency, look for some aspects of the pieces in your space to speak to one another. This may be through shape or shade. This will enable you to create interest within a space without anything looking ‘out of place’

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4. Shade

This is often perceived as the most exciting aspect of the journey. It’s the time where you get to personalise your sofa and to express your personal style. So whether it’s a bold geometric pattern or a soft neutral hue make sure you always anchor the tone and shade you choose for your sofa in with other aspects of the space. This can be done through soft furnishings and other textiles in the room I.e cushions and a throw.

Sofas are dominant as they are often the largest piece within a space and typically ground the room. Take this into consideration when choosing your finishes, it could be a great moment to create an element of excitement through a bold pattern or alternatively, it could be a moment to add a sense of calm to a room through softer tones and hues.

Take note of other pieces you have chosen along the way; this will help to inform your choice.

5. Sensitivity

Now is the time to think about the feel, what does the sofa feel like to sit on. Does it feel like every part of your being is slowly sinking into the soft layers beneath you or do you prefer to feel held, offering more structure for your posture.

This is a personal decision and there is never a right or wrong answer. Make sure you take the time to learn about the different infill options available to you and how that choice translates in both look and feel.

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