As times continue to evolve working remotely or within our homes has quickly become the new norm. Therefore the importance of creating a space that gives you the clarity and calm you require for your working day cannot denied.  

However, creating the perfect balance between both function and form can often be the hardest to achieve. Whilst the space’s functional requirements are crucial to the productivity of the space, the importance of creating a beautiful design driven space the reflects your own style is also of equal importance.  


“When you enjoy what you do, you will never work another day in your life…”  

Anthony Spon-Smith,

Co-owner & Creative Director. 

Our tips for creating the perfect Home Office: 


Function and Form: Choosing the Perfect Desk  

Finding the perfect desk is an important first step, as the desk is essentially the hero piece within a room. When choosing a desk be sure to pay attention to not only the overall aesthetic of the piece but also of it functional attributes. Do you require a large surface space to work on? With drawers to place important documents or is your role more tech driven, simply only requiring access to ta few simple devices. Understanding what your require from a functional perspective is a crucial first step.  


Comfort and Charm: Choosing the Perfect Chair 

When choosing a desk chair comfort is key. As the hours pass glued to your seat during a busy day, week or even month- giving your body the support it needs it important. Finding a chair that also offers both comfort and style is the next step. Your study chair is arguably one of the most important pieces within your study, take the time to explore different textures and upholstery options to find the perfect fit for you. 


Warmth and Depth: Choosing the Perfect Lighting  

Lighting can immediately change the feel of the room. Down lighting can often feel cold and clinical, bringing in other light sources is incredibly important when it comes to creating a working space that feel inviting and warm. Table and floor lamps offer not only great functionality but also add a layer of design and interigue to the space. Be sure to bring in alternative light sources where ever you can to add a feeling of content to any working space.  


Your Signature: Choosing the Perfect Decor 

Personalizing your space is so important. The softer, layered design elements are what not only personalize your working space but also express your character in a charming way. Mixing both sentimental items such as photographs and other memorabilia you have accumulated over the years with bold design and contemporary pieces offer the perfect balance.