How To Complete A Room By Adding Layers

Designing and selecting furniture for a home can be a daunting task. Then, on top that, so can decorating with additional layers.

Whilst adding extra pieces to your home can make you feel like you’re cluttering the space, this can be combatted by adding a few essential pieces that complete it.

Some pieces that can add layers, texture and complete a space include:


Rugs are practical and always elevate a space. They warm up a room whilst adding a decorative touch. They can anchor a room, define it and protect furniture pieces from scratching floorboards. Some Coco Republic Rug favourites include: Steele Rug (pictured below), Valentina Rug, Maroc Jute Rug and Vintage Overdye Rug.


Mirrors are versatile and simple. They can create an illusion of space, increase a room’s appeal and maximise lighting. Place them in any part of the home – whether it be a dining, living, bedroom or hallway. Our favourite Coco Republic mirrors include: Charlotte Mirror (pictured below), Clover Floor Mirror, Harts Floor Mirror and Elena Square Mirror.


Anthony Spon-Smith, Coco Republic’s Co-Owner and Creative Director believes that, “The way a room is lit is as important if not more important than the furniture in it. Strong lighting pieces are the interiors industry’s ‘jewellery’ and good jewellery can bring any outfit together.” In every room of the home, beautiful lighting should be displayed – this can include floor, table and pendant lights. Some Coco Republic favourites include: Aleka Indoor/Outdoor Pendant (pictured below), Noah Alabaster Floor Lamp, Zephyr Alabaster Table Lamp and Crystal Block Wall Sconce.

Cushions and Throws

Add an extra layer of comfort and warmth with beautiful cushions and throws. Both these serve an aesthetic and functional purpose. Cushions and throws can be used as accent pieces that blend with colours of the room, as will as providing comfort and warmth. Some practical and exquisite Coco Republic pieces include: Zivah 100% Linen Cushion (pictured below), Paolo Italian Leather Cushion, Zivah 100% Linen Throw and Faux Fur Throw.


Studies have shown that indoor plants can improve concentration and productivity. Plants are also an easy way to enhance a room in a non expense way. Add your favourite plant to any space and elevate it with a beautiful planter. Some beautiful Coco Republic planters are: Julian Planter & Almonte Planter (pictured below), Bruno Cylinder Planter  and the Newport Planter.