We spend five minutes with Coco Republic Buyer, Beth Finckh as she talks us through the special craftsmanship, styling essentials and top picks behind the Coco Republic Rug Collection.


Q. Can you shed some light on the origins of the 2020 Rug Collection?  

A. Our contemporary rug collection is sourced and developed primarily from suppliers in India, from a region where skilled craftsman are specialised in both old and new rug making techniques.  The rugs we have in the collection vary depending on design, material and usability; for example our new winter Maroc Jute Rugs are handwoven using an age-old technique that’s been around for tens of thousands of years.


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While the best-selling Zena Rug, as seen above, is the product of state-of-the-art new screen printing technology, where the base fibres are hand-tufted, but the surface pattern is screen printed.  Our Vintage Nomad collection of rugs is a standout – each rug procured individually from Pakistan, where vintage one-off rugs are custom dip-dyed to our colour specifications, meaning every rug is completely unique.


Q. What are the general rules of styling with the colour and shape of a rug?

A. A rug is the anchor of your room, providing a canvas for your furniture to stand out and adding comfort and liveability to a space.  Always start by considering your lifestyle and how you’ll be living with the rug; for example, if you are placing the rug in a high foot traffic area with pets and family, consider durable wool or poly-fibre in a flat weave style.  Or if you are looking for a design to elevate and accent your home, a stunning abstract or textural design will be perfect.  Ensure the size of your rug is big enough that the front feet of the furniture can sit on it.


Q. What are your favourite collections to use when styling a space?


Steele Rug – a beautiful essential with clean directional lines that goes with every interior.


Valentina Rug – a classic solid pattern design in lush viscose fibres that feel like silk underfoot and add an element of luxury to your home.


Vintage Nomad Rugs – Select a rug that’s uniquely yours.  Every design is sourced by CR buyers individually, and are one-offs with new designs landing in stores monthly.


Now that you know the essentials, you can view the latest from the Coco Republic Rug Collection online or in-store to add the finishing touches to your sanctuary.