Design Inspired By Mixing Line & Visual Harmony

Intriguing Objet d’Art acclaims pieces with design in every detail. Our In-Residence Design Series III considers the association between line and visual harmony. The collection embraces variety through juxtaposition to add instant interest and character with expressive pieces to elevate the architecture and space of every home. Harmony in design is achieved when elements work together cohesively and aesthetically.

Line in interior design is responsible for bringing harmony, contrast, and unity to a room.

Lines are visible in furnishings and architecture and create a visually pleasing impression when well-proportioned and considered. Creating lines may often represent movement and guide the eyes through a space, influencing the focal points of the room.

Different types of lines can also influence your perception of space. A collection highlight, the Paloma Collection is inspired by ancient Mayan drawings and features different types of lines with the natural rattan weave design topped with a solid timber curvilinear form to create visual depth, interest, and contentment.

Discover the Line & Visual Harmony Edit 

Navagio Occasional Chair   

The Navagio Occasional Chair is highlighted by its duality of robust materials, the combination of which creates a balanced alternation of form and functionality. The design features comfortable low-slung cushioning with foam and dacron fill, sinuous springs and a frame crafted from solid oak. This chair is customisable in a wide selection of fabric and leather upholstery and timber stain options to suit your personal style. 

Mulberry Sofa

A modern assemblage of comfort and form, the Mulbery Sofa has a monolithic silhouette with narrow channel detailing. Available in a curated selection of high-grade semi-aniline leathers in either toffee or chocolate hues to suit any interior. The sofa features track arms with tightly upholstered seat and back, foam and fibre cushioning supported by a superior spring system.

D’Azura Dining Chair

The D'Azura Dining Chair is a sculptural statement that celebrates artisanal hand craftsmanship. This chair features an interplay of geometry where curves are accentuated by cross-woven natural abaca fibres around a frame of solid timber. A beautiful visual appeal has been achieved by the mixing of these different lines.

Cult Floor Lamp

Bold in form and design, the Cult Floor Lamp is minimalism in uncomplicated refinement. Standing tall with a square metal base that features a pronounced tapered base that extends past a white linen fluted shade. This lamp is striking in its profile with subtle and bold details making it a focal point of interest in any interior space.

Different types of lines can influence your perception of space. Horizontal lines evoke feelings of stability and tend to create length and make a room appear larger. While, vertical lines provide a sense of freedom and strength, making a space appear taller. Diagonal and curved lines can bring a sense of dynamic movement to a space.

Visual harmony has been achieved in Intriguing Objet d’Art by striking a pleasing balance between different types of lines, and strongly embodying the principles of art and design.

Available online now. Coming to showrooms in mid-May 2022