This week we chat with Joy Simonsen, Senior Interior Designer for Coco Republic regarding her newest project, Bowral House with Clarendon Homes.

Joy is a master at creating beautiful interiors unique to each project. Her specialty is to deliver an end result which exceeds the clients expectations.

Joy shares with us in more detail below about the beautiful project.


What was the inspiration behind the design?

Our mission was to create a warm and inviting interior for the ‘Bowral’ display, reminiscent of a grand country estate.

The brief was to bring a modern and contemporary feel into what is an extra-large, single level home with a classically Hampton exterior façade. Our focus was to select furnishings to complement the highly detailed, architectural features of the display. The end result evokes a sophisticated, elegant home for today’s Australian family.


How did you select the colour scheme and palette for this project?

The palette was based on predominately neutral tones with the client’s request to keep a contemporary darker scheme for furniture. To offer vitality and warmth to the interior we chose soft furnishings in rich, warm colour tones. We selected fabrics in hues of rust red, burnt umber, browns and charcoal grey colourways in both plain and modern patterns. Textural materials of velvets, linen, tan leathers and natural hides helped to accent the large upholstered furnishings.


Throughout the space we notice a playful equine theme, could you talk to this concept more?

To continue with the theme of ‘country estate’ we included a nod to outdoor sports and horse riding into the wallpapers and accessory accents. Seen throughout the home are plaid and herringbone style wallpapers, houndstooth, brass studding and button detailings to bring in the traditional elements.

Artworks were also selected to mirror this theme to imbue a luxurious country lifestyle, trees and nature, architectural imagery, and classic monochrome photography.

View a gallery of images from the project below: