Our tips for creating Luxury through Layers: 

When people look to renovate an existing space they often become consumed by the bigger staple pieces. Whilst these large items will always hold an important role within an overall interiors scheme, it’s the smaller layered pieces that often have the most impact. Layering within a space is important as it is what create’s character and interest within a space. However, the line between creating character and clutter is often difficult to determine.  

Therefore, when setting out to add the finishing touches to your newly renovated space, take the time to think through what you are hoping to create, the feeling you are hoping that people will experience when they are within the space. Remember, it’s the layered pieces that often bring warmth to architecture and a sense of “home” to what was simply just a house. They are the pieces that bring you comfort and allow you to express yourself through design.  

Character & Charm

A quick way to create character and warmth within a space is through lighting and art. Whilst the lighting within a room has the ability to completely transform the feeling of a space, the art allows you to express yourself. To show a glimpse of your style and interests.  

Warmth & Depth

Lighting has the ability to completely transform a space. When placed strategically, lighting has the ability to create interest, depth and warmth within a room. Whether it's through a pendant light, a floor lamp or table lamp selecting the perfect lighting for your space is crucial.

Feeling & Form

When you are looking to elevate your space it’s important to take the time to determine what you hope the overall sensory experience to be. Whilst are eyes will always be drawn to elements that excite interest within a room, the feeling of the fabric will also linger as a lasting memory. Rugs not only anchor a space but also had a feeling of luxury and comfort.  

Efficiency & Design 

Whilst the look and feel of a space will always be important, the space’s functional ability quickly follows. If a room looks beautiful but within that beauty holds no practical abilities then the overall possibility of the room begins to fade. By bringing design driven storage pieces into your room, adds not only to the overall form of the space but also adds accessibility and ease.