5 Quick Tips for refreshing your space:

As our calendars gently turn to the first days of Spring, a desire for a more refreshed space always quickly follows. When we think of “Spring” a sense of new beginnings and rejuvenation are never far with “Spring Cleaning” being front of mind for so many of us.

So as the colder months come to an end, the change of season offers the perfect moment in time to shift and set meaningful intentions for what we hope to achieve and in the latter half of the year.

1. One step at a time

Pick one room or space to begin with. Trying to clean an entire home can often feel overwhelming, so take it one space at a time.

2. Purpose & Function

Take a moment to reflect on what the purpose of a space is. Is this an area you come to relax in? Or is this a functional space like a home office or a dining area? Understanding the function behind the space will help you determine what pieces are and aren’t necessary.  

3. Start Small

It’s often difficult to start to curate a space that is filled with larger pieces, it’s often harder to visualize. In this instance, start small. Take the time to sift through decorative pieces, piles of papers, those nick knacks that have seemed to multiply over time. This is a great way to start to de-clutter larger spaces.

4. Find Balance

It’s important that every space offers a harmonious balance of texture and light. A great way to bring new life to a space is to bring as much natural light into a space, as this will evoke a sense of calm and balance of elements.

5. Store before you throw

Decluttering can often be an emotional experience, as the little bits and pieces we have collected over the years often hold so much personal value and meaning. In this instance, don’t throw out those special pieces, they are often the memories we like to be able to reflect on over the years. Invest in a timeless storage piece that will not only simplify your space but will offer a special place for these important memories to be housed.


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