Inspired by the Desert, this season explores natural materials and organic minimalist forms. The season celebrates the brutal yet peaceful raw and rugged beauty of the desert, allowing for the natural materials and tones to speak through epic and bold forms.  

The collection is welcoming yet challenging. Setting aside preconceived perceptions of ‘beauty’ and allowing for a return to a more organic approach to design and materiality. Featuring new pieces across all categories, this collection promises to elevate your home. 

The collection is made from natural materials; Marble, Travertine, Brushed Brass, Timbers, Rattan, Leathers and Boucle’s allowing for their rawness to hero the visual language of a modern desert essence, acting as grounding moments in the spaces they inhibit. 

The new marble pieces such as the Pegasus and the Veneta are my favourite, there is something so brutal about the shapes and the way the marble moulds onto the surfaces, it’s just epic and makes the whole collection amazing.”, says Anthony Spon-Smith, Coco Republic’s Creative Director and Co-Owner. 

With over 150 new additions of furniture and homewares the new collection imbues the essence of simplicity celebrating the natural beauty of intentional minimalist design. 

“Creating simple furniture design is not easy, to me is a process of elimination, taking away just enough to end up with an honest piece that resonates with you and just works. Inspired by the feeling of the desert and the tranquillity and rawness of its beauty that it holds, I am proud to have achieved this within our new Summer collection. The combination of natural elements, colours and raw materials juxtaposed with stronger aesthetics like marble work so well so you will see natural fabrics, timber and rattan and dry tonal minimalistic designs”.

Anthony Spon-Smith, Coco Republic’s Creative Director and Co-Owner. 

Through exploring the ancient material of stone born millions of years ago, the collection explores design concepts of modernity and simplicity, with unique expressions of patina made by time.