For years, human beings have gathered to share food, stopping to take a moment in time to share with those around them. Today the dining room is known fondly as the heart of the home.

So, when it comes to picking the perfect pieces to fill this space, so much care and consideration is required. Whilst the dining room will always serve a functional purpose, the sentimental and symbolic nature of the space often means so much more.

In today’s demanding world, there are very few moments in the day were we truly take the time to stop and to come together with the people we care about to share a meal and conversation.

When choosing the perfect Dining table and chairs, the variety can often feel overwhelming. Finding the perfect balance of comfort, function and design can often be difficult.

 Are you looking for a durable surface and forgivable fabrics to withstand the beautiful mess often created by a growing family or are you looking for a more sophisticated artistic aesthetic for a room that lends itself to long nights sipping on of red wine.

Understanding how you hope to use the space is fundamental to find the pieces to compliment this.

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