In a chronically sleep deprived society, studies have shown us that most of us are not getting enough quality sleep.  When we think about what our bodies need to survive, the obvious health essentials like diet and exercise come to mind, but rarely do our minds drift to acknowledge the importance of sleep.  In truth, sleep is the foundation in which those two other pillars will sit on.

When it comes to something as essential as sleep, we often don’t give it the thought and care it deserves. The first step to a meaningful night’s sleep is committing to regular pre-sleep routine that will ultimately prepare you for a quality night sleep.  Set your room temperature to 20 degrees, as dropping your core body temperature is essential.  Put away all devices that over stimulate your mind and pupils before bed, as its important to slowly prepare your body to wind down and drift into a state of rest.  Ensure you are not consuming too many foods or beverage stimulants before bedtime, as these can add to keeping your body filled with energy.

When designing and creating a space that welcomes rest, think about some of the best sleeps you have experienced when on holidays.  That hotel, resort like feel can be created at home by following our curated edit of bedroom furniture to complete your sleep sanctuary.  

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Bed Heads

Choosing the perfect bedhead to compliment your space is a crucial first step as it will essentially set the tone for the rest of the space. From textured luxurious fabrics, to statement Posters Beds here are our top in stock picks.

Side Tables

When it comes to bedside tables, there is a delicate balance of functionality and form. Choosing the perfect piece that compliments the overall design aesthetic of the space is important, however, the functionality of the piece follows behind closely.

Layered Luxuries

When creating a moment of calm within a space, it’s important to think of inviting all our senses. The importance of touch and the feeling of soft comforting and welcoming surfaces is crucial in inviting the body to rest. Adding a rug to your bedroom offers an extra feeling of comfort whilst adding to the overall look of a space.

Mood Lighting

Lighting has the ability to instantly create a sense of calm within a space. Softer, muted lighting can completely change the mood within the space, signifying the shift in time. Choosing the perfect lighting that not only compliments the overall design aesthetic of a space but also welcomes a gentle end to the day is important to a good nights sleep.

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