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Jaclyn Schoene

Operations Manager, Alexandria

1. How long ago did you join Coco Republic and what was your first position?

I joined Coco Republic 4 years ago as Assistant Manager of the Alexandria Showroom.

2. What other positions have you held since that position?

I moved into Showroom Manager of the Crows Nest Showroom 4 months later, and then have moved into Operations Manager of 3 showrooms. I helped open the Castle Hill showroom and now have just opened our newest showroom, Balgowlah.

3. What do you love about your current position?

I love the variety of working between the showrooms and interacting with lots of wonderful people. Each day is different and I never get bored! I enjoy the product side of the business also, so looking after the furniture moves and changing up the showroom often keeps me constantly challenged.

4. What do you enjoy most about working with Coco Republic?

I genuinely love the people I work with, from every single department. Everyone helps each other when needed, without a second thought. I love that we're growing so rapidly, therefore the business is always changing. The showrooms, products, and people inspire me, and ultimately I love the aesthetic of Coco Republic. It brings me joy to walk into such a beautiful workspace each and every day.