Maudie Payne

Interior Designer, Alexandria

1. How long ago did you join Coco Republic and what was your first position?

I started at Coco Republic in 2017, where my first roll was on reception at the Alexandria showroom.

2. What other positions have you held since that position?

After a few months into my reception role, I moved into the Interior Design department as an Assistant Interior Designer. After around 2 years there I then transitioned into my current roll, as a Residential Interior Designer, looking after my own projects and clients. Which I love!


3. What do you love about your current position?

After studying for 5 years in design my current role has enhanced my passion for residential interiors. Working with clients is the best part, understanding the layout, working with existing colours, finishes and problem solving. The process from start to finish really makes sense to me and it is the best feeling when you have transformed each client's beautiful home.


4. What do you enjoy most about working with Coco Republic?

This would have to be the team here at Coco. They are always available to lend a helping hand, give advice and talk creatively about our design ideas.