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Milvin Angkasa

Café Manager, L'Americano Alexandria

1. How long ago did you join Coco Republic and what was your first position?

I joined Coco Republic in 2016 and have now been in the company for almost 5 years. My first position at Coco Republic was as a Barista at Coco Republic L’Americano cafe

2. What other positions have you held since that position?

Since the first position, I have held other positions including; Service Staff and Second in Charge. I'm also a host for Sales Event and Waiter for Events and Functions - and my current position is a Cafe Manager

3. What do you love about your current position?

What I love most about my current position is how dynamic and fast-paced my job can be. I get to interact with lots of customers and staff members, and also the opportunity to lead and train a well-motivated team.

4. What do you enjoy most about working with Coco Republic?

The culture of the company! A real opportunity for progression and being able to work with and learn from great people within the company! Everyone is very nice and helpful and I feel that people support each other and their attitudes are very positive. It's great to work for a company with a clear goal and purpose!