Coco Republic

Sand Blow Abstract

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Capturing the textures, colours, and forms of the natural world and its wonders, these original pieces were created with care and connection. As each artwork is painted by hand there is going to be a characteristic difference, each piece will be unique.
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W: 1300mm x D: 50mm x H: 1300mm

Weight: 0 kg

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Vast expanses of undisturbed, sun-scorched plains harbour hidden treasures and mysteries. Often remaining far from human contact, these worlds of rock, sand, and dry wind remain preserved and thriving in their own unique way. This neutral, Earthy range pays tribute to the untouched land void of water, greenery, or man-made structures, incorporating the unforgiving and rugged textures, fine sand granules, and a selection of perfectly simple browns, beiges, and greys of desert life.
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