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Danyon Planter

Handcrafted ceramic brings beauty to this organic form.
Measurements & weights

W: 500mm x D: 500mm x H: 500mm

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    Care Instructions

    ·  When you receive your piece, we recommend you examine your ceramic in good light to establish if there are any potential problems.
    ·  Please note, you don't always need to remove all dirt or stains. They may have historic interest, or it may be impossible to remove them without damaging the piece.
    ·  We recommend before cleaning a whole piece, test clean a small area to make sure you won't damage it.
    ·  Most ceramics can be handled without gloves, as long as hands are clean and dry, otherwise your fingers may leave behind a residue.
    ·  Do not use a dishwasher.
    ·  Avoid using household bleaches or proprietary cleaning products as they can cause irreversible damage. 

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Handcrafted from lustrous ceramic, the Danyon Ceramic Planter celebrates organic shapes and neutral tones.The unique form ensures this piece will become a focal point in your home. All planters have a central drainage hole to allow your plants to drain freely. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Due to the bespoke nature of hand finishing, tones and finishes may differ slightly between each collection.
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& Dimensions

For specific product dimensions, please refer to the diagram.

Measurements & weights

W: 500mm x D: 500mm x H: 500mm

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