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Dax Performance Rug

4 Variations | Customizable
A soft hand-woven rug in 100% recycled PET, the Dax rug is a hard-working rug suited to family living.
Measurements & weights

W: 2500mm x D: 3500mm x H: 10mm

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  • Care Instructions
    Care Instructions

    ·  Simply brush off loose dirt​
    ·  Hose down​
    ·  Clean with a solution of water and mild soap or​ pH neutral dishwashing liquid​ and use a soft
    bristle brush.​
    ·  Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed​.
    ·  Allow to air dry.
    ·  Please note that rugs will wear differently in high traffic areas such as in front of a sofa or in a walkway. This is to be expected and is not a defect.

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