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A Day At Design School: Interior Decoration Masterclass

Recently I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Interior Decoration Masterclass at the Coco Republic Design School. Having always been passionate about interiors and furniture, I love having a home that looks welcoming and reflects my style. I was excited to spend the day learning more about interior design and any tips I could take away to style my own home.

The facilitator for the course on the day was Catherine Whitting. An extremely talented artist, teacher and experienced interior designer; Catherine has been consulting and transforming interiors for over 15 years. Her enthusiasm for interior design is infectious and as a group we felt supported and comfortable to ask questions throughout the day.

My classmates and I spent the morning learning about the world of interior decorating, and how clever design can be used to create harmonious and visually enticing spaces. To recharge, we enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by L’Americano Espresso Bar located next door.

The rest of our afternoon was spent diving into creative exercises. We created individual moodboards to present an inspirational decoration scheme, photographed a styled vignette and proposed a furniture layout on a floorplan.

I found the masterclass a wonderful way to surround myself with like-minded people also passionate about design and interior decoration. In my course, we had people with all different goals: from styling a holiday beach house, creating a premium daycare with child-friendly furniture, or a mother-daughter duo enjoying a belated Mother’s Day gift.

Attending the Interior Decoration Masterclass was a fun and immersive way to learn and get creatively energised. To paraphrase Catherine on the day, “Great design should always give you goosebumps”. I left feeling rejuvenated, spending the rest of the evening rearranging and styling my apartment. I am already planning my next course!

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Alison L

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