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A Designers Guide to Chandeliers

Walking through a furniture and lighting showroom can often be overwhelming with choice of chandelier and pendant lights available. When choosing what style of chandelier to hang in your home, consider the existing style, architecture and overall feel of your home.

Chandeliers are used to create drama, so you can hang a modern chandelier in a classic home if it ties in with the décor of the rest of the space. You can hang a big crystal chandelier in a modern home if the scale and proportion works in the room.

The conventional places to hang a chandelier are in the Foyer and over the dining table, but they can be hung in any space of there is adequate ceiling height. Consider chandeliers in a bedroom, over even in your walk in wardrobe! Ask yourself whether you want the chandelier to stand out, or whether you want it to blend in with the space and this will determine what size to choose. The Odeon Chandelier featured above is a perfect example of a strategically placed chandelier.

There is no hard and fast rule for what height to hang a chandelier at. They need to be low enough to provide ambient light, but be high enough to be out of the way. The Rod Chandelier is a perfect addition to a main thoroughfare and can be hung at different heights making it versatile for any interior. See it above perfectly hung in a hallway.

There is one rule, however, when chandeliers are being placed over a piece of furniture, then they can hung just above eye height, with the bottom of the light being 1600-1800mm from the ground. The Timothy Oulton Crystal Chandelier a great option for lighting placement above furniture.

Always ensure all chandeliers and feature lights are put on dimmers, as this will allow you to change the mood and setting depending on the time of day and how you are using the space. Very bright chandeliers can often feel cheap, and softer light feels more elegant. Always use warm globes to create a gentler atmosphere. Particularly in a bedroom or dining room.

The Odeon Rectangular Pendant by Timothy Oulton is a stunning piece that can work over a dining table, in a lounge room or bedroom space. The crystals create a beautiful pattern on the ceiling in the evenings and is a real statement to any room.

The Muriel Chandelier by Oly San Francisco is a series of stunning handmade resin spheres, combined in an organic bubble like arrangement. Each one of these chandeliers is completely unique and transitional in style, so can work in any style of interior.

View our gallery below to see these concepts put into practice. To view our chandelier collections click here.



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