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Achieving A Relaxed Interior

I cannot deny the appeal of a relaxed interior. Whilst tailored schemes still have their place, many designers are creating casual and imperfect spaces as client’s look to their homes to find a sense of happiness and well being.

The one consistent trend that has been featured for many years is the subtle shift towards honest, laid back interiors – where fans of the perfectly imperfect and easygoing spaces are right at home.

It’s okay if sometimes you don’t get around to making the bed in the morning, or if your shoes from the previous day were kicked off and are now laying around the sofa setting – this easy going and relaxed lifestyle has become synonymous and prevalent with what we do.

These days, more of us are knocking down walls than keeping them, redefining the boundaries between formal and informal spaces, with the idea of set zones becoming blurred. This call for flexibility and open planned living is also seen in how we are designing and furnishing our spaces. The prolonged idea of open planned living and a lighter living environment- generally seen throughout the living/dining/kitchen setup accommodates for our fast paced, busy, multi-tasking lives more easily than not.

Home should be the place where you come home and put your feet up. A place where you can immerse yourself in and forget the troubles and worries of the day, and more importantly, a place which makes you happy. Embrace the idea of schlepping clothes, everyone’s favourite go to gear (the kit that borderlines pyjamas but you can still pop to the corner store in) and select furniture that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Crushed ben linen is my top pick when selecting accents for the bedroom. Linen is a go to option when styling a relaxed living environment as it requires NO ironing, leaving you to just pop them back on the bed straight from the dryer, immediately creating a more relaxed environment which you want to immerse yourself in. Reclaimed timbers are my second top pick when designing and furnishing a relaxed living environment. Not only do they add to the laid-back look, they also give the space character with their accidental nicks and knocks. But more importantly, they only get better with age. But its loosely upholstered and insanely comfortable sofas and couches in natural tones that are the ultimate loafing machines. Partner your furnishings with layers upon layers of texture, introducing subtle differences with each piece. This creates that ‘lived in’ feel, making your space more inviting and welcoming.

For me, laid back living with the occasional unmade bed means a less up-tight, structured approach to our homes, allowing ourselves to be more honest, open minded and dare I say, happy.



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