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Ahead of the Trends: Décor + Design 2014

With the new look Décor + Design show at FURNITEX on next month, I caught up with Victoria Redshaw, Lead Futurist at trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus headquartered in the UK. Speaking at the International Seminar Series on July 10th in Melbourne, Victoria gave us a sneak preview with an insight into the next-gen influencers in the realm of interiors and upcoming design trends.

1. Can you give us a brief snapshot about what you will be discussing at Decor + Design?

My seminar will explore the key design trends for Interiors for 2015 and beyond, including a brief look at how we forecast design trends. I will explain the factors driving each trend’s emergence and then discuss in detail their translation into the key colours, patterns, materials, shapes, and styles for Interiors & interior products.

2. What or who are some of the key influencers in design?

Of course there are global brands and avant garde, high end designers such as Karim Rashid and Marcel Wanders who influence design trends for interiors; but the group we look to mostly are the final year graduates around the world. Taking note of their final year shows and what they are creating. These young designers have yet to be influenced in anyway by the ‘commercial constraints’ of business and so design with total freedom.

3. What are some of the upcoming textural trends for interiors in 2015?

As interface technology increases, and we become more technology-dependent, our interactions with products are getting physically smoother. We need a design antidote to counteract all the smooth, glossy, flawless perfection of the i-world we’re now living in. The inherent irregularities and imperfections of natural materials can be particularly reassuring so manipulate, mimic and cultivate nature’s treasures.

During Autumn/Winter 2014/15 textures come from deep in the forest, deep in the desert, deep in the jungle, deep in the city and the pages of history. An array of refined yet distinctively textured and irregularly layered surfaces await our discovery as we look anew at the overlooked. Experiment with cracked, crumpled & crushed textures; Geological textural references; Powdery, peach skin & flaking surfaces; Mimic woven, knitted & tapestry textures for hard product surfaces; Molten, eroded & oxidized effects; Hammered, stamped & chiseled techniques.

4. How prevalent is Pantone in influencing the colour trends in interior design for the year?

Pantone are of course an extremely important organisation in the world of trend forecasting, and their ‘Colour of the Year’ in particular has an impact on many manufacturers and designers colourways.  However it isn’t right to think of Pantone as influencing colour trends because Pantone, like all good trend forecasting companies, base their forecasts on their research of future events, current issues, pop culture etc… and what will be on people’s radars at a specific point in the future.  And it is this information that influences and informs their colour forecasts which companies around the world then take note of.  In truth, trend forecasting agencies that really know their stuff should all be producing very similar forecasts.

Visit for more information on the trade show or to book tickets for the International Seminar Series featuring Victoria Redshaw.

Caitlan N