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Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

X It’s not often that you come across spaces that are whimsical yet still highly elegant and sophisticated, however, celebrated Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders, has managed to just that – pulling off one of the most luxurious, fun, and inspired hotels I’ve ever seen. Welcome to the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht: where Amsterdam’s history is told through its cool and classy interiors.

When I think of Amsterdam’s culture I think of windmills, ceramics and herring. You’ll find most, if not all, of these things in Wanders’ Dutch wonderland. Straight from when you walk into the luxury boutique hotel, you’re instantaneously enchanted; dark timber furniture and cabinetry mix with Delft Blue rugs and wallpaper to create a moody atmosphere, which is then contrasted by a giant lighting installation above the receptions desks. A constellation of orbs and spheres of light hang from a glass ceiling to create a magical first impression. Below the glittering collection, three oversized white glossy bells encase three ornate chandeliers – an amalgamation of the new and old, a theme that runs right through to the 122 guest rooms.

Every room is a contemporary piece of art, each featuring a giant image of two separate non-related elements (for example, a fish head and spoon tale) that represents Amsterdam’s unprejudiced and progressive way of thinking, embracing polarities within the culture as well as the city itself. You’ll find all sorts of juxtapositions throughout the rooms: hard and soft, contemporary and traditional that – like the rest of the 5-star establishment – come together to create an interior that strangely works.

Prinsengracht 587, Amsterdam
Netherlands, 1016 HT 

Max Sparrow

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