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Field Notes - Australia’s got Talent - Henry Pilcher

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Australia’s Got Talent – Henry Pilcher

Does the name Henry Pilcher ring a bell for you? If not, it will soon for sure.

Henry Pilcher is a 26 years old designer who is making waves in the furniture industry.  A graduate of the Australian National University he has won multiple design awards and accolades for his innovative designs. 

His signature piece is the Block 2 Lamp:

For me, this piece is the perfect mix of industrial, organic and geometric shapes, creating a great aesthetic.  The shape creates a lighting sculpture and its multifunctional use as both a pendant or table lamp is very playful.

“I love to design without boundaries for the user, meaning I love using raw materials. I would almost call it paring back all the waste and just leaving a minimal object, which leaves it open for anyone.”  Henry Pilcher , The Australian.

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The perfect illustration of this is also Pilcher’s SECEDE desk:

Behind the simple lines and the raw materials, the functional needs of a desk are all present in this design – adequate shelving, storage and a footrest.  It would be as great to work on as it is to look at.

Pilcher’s clean aesthetic and functional understanding of design can be seen in a variety of his work – a selection of which is pictured below. 

It’s young exciting designers like Henry Pilcher that make me really excited about furniture design in Australia.  I look forward to sharing others as I discover them! 

Until then, Au Revoir


Alexandra D

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