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Bar Palladio, Jaipur

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Jaipur’s busy streets is the infamous Narain Niwas Palace. We have spent many afternoons in this wonderful sanctuary lazing by the pool and enjoying a crisp gin and tonic in the height of Summer, usually recharging for the next grueling day of block print sampling that lays ahead for us! Last year however, we showed up in our usual fashion, ready to meet a friend, only to be stopped in our tracks the most magical blue and white cocktail lounge. It literally emerged like an oasis in front of us.

We followed the green lawn that leads you to Palladio, lined with Rajput era tented sofas surrounding individual fire pits, all in their signature blue and white. This quickly gave way to a wonderland setting that words simply cannot do justice to.

Dutch fashion designer Marie-Anne Oudejans was willed by friend and owner of Bar Palladio, Barbara Miolini (a Swiss-Italian ex-pat living in Jaipur) to create an Italian style lounge. Amber-Grey Chiara Knowles, kids fashion designer and Oudejans assistant on the project said that “by drawing on royal Mughal style and the feeling of the opulence of the maharajahs from the 20th century, Marie-Anne created a space that pays homage to its Indian surroundings yet feels completely European at the same time”.

I will add a little side note here, I had one of the best pesto gnocchi dishes of my life at Bar Palladio and have since added it to my list of ‘must do’s’ in Jaipur.  After looking at the interior of this place, I challenge you not to put pattern on your walls, floors, pillows and sofas!

xx Genevieve & Lauren

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