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Bathroom Design; The New Warm

The bathroom should be a tranquil environment. An oasis where you can look forward to at the end of a busy day. A space where the hustles and bustles of the day become a distant blur. However, at times it can be difficult to achieve as the bathroom can be considered quite cold and uninviting.

This week I have been inspired on how to create a warm, relaxing bathroom and the tips and tricks you can use in your home to achieve this.

I have always been a fan of mixing texture and contrasting finishes with one another. The bathroom is the perfect opportunity to experiment with this design scheme. Try mixing matte glass surfaces with matte tiles and rich exotic looking woods. This mixture and juxtaposition of materials and finishes, along with the clean contemporary lines elude a visually warm and welcoming environment.

Another way to achieve a warm bathroom environment is to experiment with wall finishes. Instead of tiling your whole space, leave some space available for a feature wall. Materials such as cement, resin, timber and parquet are my top pick. The soft, neutral colour palette of these particular materials are not only a sophisticated addition, they also blend seamlessly into the surrounding materials, giving the illusion of a more spacious environment.

When selecting tiles, opt for ones that are slightly irregular in texture. This imperfect look adds warmth to the tonal environment.

Tap ware and fixtures are an easy and affordable way of achieving a warm aesthetic in a bathroom environment. My recommendation is a slim line, matte finished piece. The tone and texture of a matte finished fixture will blend seamlessly and compliment your selected basin perfectly. Try juxtaposing colours as well. There is a large range of options nowadays; from matte black, grey, copper and brass. Adding a point of difference into your space will not only make it unique but will contribute to an overall inviting space in your home.

When accessorising and styling for a warm and inviting bathroom, simple lighting pendants in a similar finish that emit a warm glow are my top pick.

This will add to the overall warm aesthetic of the space.

Accessorise using candles, plush towels, and add personal touches where possible. It is the small details that count. Lastly, add a touch of greenery into your space to give a sense of warmth into your space. Ferns are my favourite, especially in a bathroom environment. Not only do they thrive in the cool environments, they are a luscious plant that will inject a sense of personality and warmth into any space.

Caitlan N

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