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The Statement Bathroom Mirror

I find that when it comes to designing and decorating a home, the bathroom is one of the more difficult spaces to inject style and personality.

It’s often daunting to commit to bold-patterned statement tiles, artwork or even wallpaper in a wet area. A simple yet effective way to continue character throughout your home and into the bathroom is with a beautiful, statement mirror. Here are some tips on what to look for…

It’s so easy to go with a simple frameless mirror, especially when there are so many streamlined contemporary designs out there. Don’t get me wrong, I love a seamless oversized mirror – especially when the mirror is cut around the tap-ware – but if you’re looking for a point of difference in your bathroom then go all out! Look for frames that have more three-dimensional appeal – something like the Coco Republic Coco Mirror would make the ultimate statement in any bathroom.

Think outside the square, and look for something that has a more unusual silhouette than the stock-standard rectangular mirror. A great way to juxtapose all of the sharp, angular surfaces created by tiles, shower screens, and cabinetry, is by incorporating a more organic shaped mirror. Alternatively, play with a more-is-more aesthetic by highlighting all of those sharp angles – the Oly San Francisco Kaleidoscope Mirror will create a fun and electric alternative to your average bathroom mirror.

Unlike the generic frameless bathroom mirror, a statement mirror gives you the opportunity to inject a little bit of unexpected colour into the space. For a really bold look, the Oly San Francisco Jacques Floral Mirror would really pop against bright wallpaper. For a really luxe aesthetic, but still a bit more pared-back, pair Coco Republic’s Gilles Mirror with warm delicate hues for a really elegant bathroom.

One thing to take away from this article is to have fun and explore the different styles you’d like to introduce in your bathroom. Mirrors like the ones listed above make for an easy and stress-free way to update your bathroom; they can be removed and updated, so as your design aesthetic changes over time, so can your mirror!

Take a look at the collection of gorgeous bathrooms for some inspiration…

Max Sparrow

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