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Bedroom Art Inspiration

I read an interesting Editor’s Letter recently by Wendy Moore of Home Beautiful magazine. In it, she comments on the shift of focus from fashioning our personal selves to our homes. If you’re like me, I’m more excited about the prospect of a new artwork than a new pair of shoes.

In a time where trends often take over our lives, I’ve begun thinking about what pieces for my home I should invest in for the long term. I should make it known that I’m in the middle of a renovation and have unfortunately yet unsurprisingly decided that I don’t quite like my existing furnishings.

Art is one of those areas of decoration that I think needs to be considered more carefully and is worthy of investment. Art can change an aesthetic in an instant – there are mod pop showpieces, moody landscape photography or elegant canvas paintings. Framed, unframed, large and dominant or clustered, art has the ability to anchor a space and provoke thought in one single moment.

In the bedroom in particular, if you were to compare a room void of art and one with, the difference is quite remarkable. I think the key is drawing one or two colours from the artwork in other areas of the room, however I have seen art that works well as a contrast. My golden rule is avoiding being too matchy-matchy with colour selections.

Three of my favourite artworks from Coco Republic are;
1. Oly San Francisco Clouds Painting – An elegant hand painted piece with a soft palette for a sophisticated bedroom.
2. Abstracted Landscape Blue – Bold and contemporary, perfect as a set of two with striking white and blue to add a statement.
3. Thom Filicia Venice – Fun, vibrant and unique to add character and personality to any bedroom. Best styled with crisp white bedlinen.

I’ve compiled a gallery below with interesting spaces to draw inspiration for your own bedroom.

Caitlan N