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Design Field Notes

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Behind the Study: Coco Republic Design School

The brief:  Decorate and style a penthouse for a boutique hotel in the location of your choice – rainforest, beach or city.

My heart skipped a beat when I read the first assignment brief of my Interior Decoration Essentials 101 course at the Coco Republic Design School online.  Tackling it with my new found skills was going to be an inspiration and a challenge.

Just to really put me out of my comfort zone (I’m a natural beach dweller) I choose the city as the starting point and picked, more specifically, a converted warehouse in Tribeca, NYC as the location.

I wanted the space to be unique, edgy and thought provoking, to appeal to the fashion-forward, trend-setting professionals from creative industries, so I started with researching Tribeca’s artistic history and decided I needed to start with building my scheme around sourcing original artworks by iconic and contemporary artists.  I also wanted to celebrate the building’s original characteristics – such as preserving the historic wooden floorboards and exposed brick.  My project would be about leaving the building as untouched as possible, and letting the décor and design be the hero of the space.

I chose furniture that was hard-wearing, functional, comfortable and easy-to-clean – as well as being incredibly stylish, iconic and design-centric.  The space was to be a visual feast – each individual piece a starting point for conversation or inspiration.  I contacted galleries in New York for artwork images, sourced original mid-century vintage collectables and combined them with iconic pieces from modern day furniture brands like Oly San Francisco, F e H Campana for Edra and Kelly Wearstler.

And so the journey went on – there were many late nights of research and design, but all in all it was motivational, invigorating and insightful.  I pushed my boundaries and created some really exciting results.  Even though I was out of my comfort zone, the design choices I made were truly a reflection of my own style and inspirations.  I learned so much about my design capabilities and had so much fun along the way.  The hard work was so worth it as I know now I have the skills and knowledge to tackle my own design work with confidence and professionalism.

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