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Beyond Beautiful: Landscapes by William Dangar

The Australian lifestyle has always been shaped by our unique climate and natural environment.  It goes without saying then, that the Australian home interior is never complete without a beautiful garden outlook.

Sydney based landscape designer William Dangar has made a name for himself designing gardens for some of the most remarkable homes in town.  A constantly shifting industry – landscape design is forever changing according to fashions, climate change, water restrictions, available plants and difficult spaces.  Yet, after two decades of designing, and over 700 projects, William Dangar’s endeavors have stood the test of time.

Most notably, Dangar is not a fan of flowers.  Instead, he embraces lush layered foliage and the use of sculptural plantings, such as shrubs and grasses, to create refined yet vivid outdoor spaces.  Dangar always takes inspiration from the architecture of the house first, even though the landscape is usually the last thing to be completed, as he believes the most important goal, as a landscape designer is to create unity between the inside and outside of the home.

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