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Window Spotlight: An Industrial Look

I am a firm believer in that the detail within a space is what transforms it from an ordinary to extraordinary home design. Throughout this week, I have been on the hunt for various design details that are gracing interiors throughout the year 2015. So far, this year has been fairly daring with its design predictions and forecasted design schemes. However, today I am going to focus on a much more delicate application that can turn your home into a dramatised space for many.

Black window frames and sashes have an amazing effect in any space and can easily be manipulated in your home.

The detail of a black window frame draws the eye to the beauty of the window and effortlessly frames the surroundings beyond the façade. Recently, I have noticed two different, yet effective ways that this detail can be adapted. Painting the entire window frame is the first adaptation and painting the sash black is the second bold design. Each have an amazing effect but there is just something about a thin, black sash on a white frame that I absolutely adore. The images at the end of this blog will give you a clear indication on why I am so drawn to this design detail.

Black window sashes can be successfully modified in both modern and traditional spaces and can be used throughout the whole house. The kitchen and dining areas are great places to start when incorporating this design detail. Generally in most homes, these areas are the ones with the most profound exterior views; so why not make it a feature and frame it like your very own piece of art.

I would recommend a black steel frame for these spaces as they are hard wearing and can standing the test of time in those high pressure areas. Furthermore, metal treatments are a great choice as most of the frames on the market these days are designed with thermal barriers- keeping the warmth in, in the cooler months and vice versa in the warmer periods. This also makes them perfect for the bedroom.

If your going to include these in the bedroom, finish them with a translucent, soft drape. This will soften the whole look and give a dreamy, inviting aesthetic.

Check out the images below for more inspiration on this beautiful architectural design scheme. Always remember that details aren’t just details. Details are what make the design. Even the small ones.

Anthony Spon-Smith