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Blue For Calming Interiors

There is no denying the calming effect of blue. Each shade and hue is cool and serene, from pale baby blues to moody indigos.

Colour psychology offers associating terms including trust, peace, order and loyalty so it’s time to start the New Year afresh with blue in your home. I’ve looked a inspiration from around the globe to update your interior with this heavenly and tranquil colour. Let’s start with the essentials; walls.

Opt for muted shades of blue to avoid anything too vibrant or overwhelming for the eye. Duck egg blue is a personal favourite – it’s refined in its colour and is timeless having been prominent since the 18th Century. You also can’t go past a gorgeous deep navy blue or a blue with a slight grey or chalky tone throughout. There is something comforting about these hues, perfect for bedrooms or secluded spaces for a sanctuary-esque aesthetic.

If you want to go ahead with wallpaper then select prints with gentle, flowing movements such as watercolours or a soft Ikat design such as the Danube Ikat Wallpaper from Thibaut Design. Alternatively, you can introduce texture through the use of a gorgeous grass cloth to add another dimension to the space.

Not only does the colour blue stimulate emotional responses, there are some medical relationships too. The presence of blue has been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress in some reports.

From an opulent aesthetic with rich tones or soft subtle presence of colour in a monochromatic scheme, incorporate blue in your interior. See my inspiration gallery below.

Caitlan N

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