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The Bohemian Home

This month I’m taking cues from the gypsies and the bohemians when it comes to styling my home. There is something irresistibly relaxing about a space layered with carefree style.

When creating a bohemian home I’ll be starting first with rugs. Rugs, rugs and more rugs. Choose a rug with a warm tones like reds and pinks and oranges, with bold tribal or ethnic patterns and throw two or three on the floor under a room setting at a time. Make sure you choose rugs with little to no pile (a flatweave kilim style is best) to layer with, then add a shaggy style on the top.   And while you’re at it, chuck some large floor cushions into the mix. You cannot have enough pattern.

Make sure you mix old and new furniture. Choose pieces that feature reclaimed timber or recycled materials. Pick a vintage piece off gumtree and give it a new lease on life.

Plants are the next thing – choose tropical, oversized beauties that give the room a feeling that nature is taking over. Layer a tropical fern in one corner, with creepers dripping from planters hanging in macramé from the ceiling.

Next up, make sure you add a hint of velvet. Perhaps in the form of a soft throw or cushion on the sofa.

And to top it off, books! Fill your shelves with hundreds of books, and throw a few on the coffee table for good measure.

Beth F

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