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Bookshelf Styling 101

A must-have piece for any interior, you ask? There are lots that come to mind and the humble bookshelf is definitely up there. Not only does it serve a practical purpose by storing away all of your magazines and books, but it can also act as a fantastic focal point if you style it correctly.

Layering is so important in an interior just as playing with heights is. A bookshelf adds height against an occasional chair and side table or creates symmetry on either side of a buffet or television unit. Not confined to the study, its a great feature in a living space.

Try colour coding if you have a lot of books that you’ll like to show off, but be mindful that you don’t pack them in too tightly otherwise your bookshelf will look more like a rainbow than a sophisticated display.

Incorporate your favourite antiques, souvenirs, frames, and candles to create a visual break and add dimension. Not sure how to place them? Stack a couple of books horizontally, and then add a small ornament or candle on top. Now stand a tall vase, or something with height, next to the neat little placement to complete the vignette. Try introducing some circular shapes to help soften the rigidity of the books – Jonathan Adler’s Georgia Orb is a favourite of mine.

If you don’t yet have a bookshelf, let me point you to my two favourites. The Stella Shelf by Oly San Francisco has a delicate metal frame that will perfectly border all of your favourite books. Place two side by side to maximise space, or try placing one on either end of the sofa to create symmetry in the room. My other favourite is the newly introduced Cardiff Bookcase Etagere by Max Sparrow, which has a trendy industrial aesthetic – its thick timber frame and metal details will be sure to last a lifetime.

Custom joinery is a key feature that interior designers cannot get enough of. And if you’re looking for something a little more permanent, why not consider this open to really elevate a space.

Max Sparrow

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