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Bowery Lane Bicycles

For me, bicycles represent an era gone past, when life was simpler. Communities were a little smaller and commuting to work was only but a pedal away. A time when you didn’t need to worry about traffic jams, faulty blue tooth devices, red light cameras or parking fines…

The romantic socialist in me likes to think that’s all coming back – and I can’t be that wrong – cycling is the fastest growing means of transport in Sydney growing by over 100% year on year.

The other thing about bikes is, that if you have the right one, they can look amazing just sitting in your home. Both function and form…

I recently bumped into someone riding a bike that was just that – a Bowery Lane Bicycle from New York – the most beautiful bike I’ve seen. Chatting to the rider, she informed me she was importing limited quantities into Australia (Sydney) and I just had to show you.

They are all hand made in New York, by a family company that’s been producing bikes since the 1800’s. Leather seat, cork handles, timber storage and they ride like you’re floating on air. They’re modern and comfortable yet have an ‘old world charm’ unlike any of the competition.

If you don’t need to commute then simply put it in your home and use it for that local pedal down to the bakery on a Saturday morning. Me, I’ll be buying one and riding it to and from the beach… remembering the old times when I didn’t get parking fines.

Bowery Lane Bicycles Distribution Australia

Click below for some examples of how bikes can look cool in your interior as well as more bikes from the Bowery Lane range.


Sydney, Australia

Anthony Spon-Smith

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