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Design Duo: Brass & Copper

Gone are the days of glitter gold and sterling silver. Nowadays, the focus has shifted towards copper and brass. After countless seasons, where the idea of chromed metals have been the dominant design focus, the trend is now heading towards the warmer and softer tones of brass, burnished copper and harmonised bronze. If you’re like me and want to enrich your rooms with a touch of elegance, then take note on how to feature copper and brass in your home.

The kitchen is a perfect opportunity to introduce copper and brass. This introduction creates a sense of instant warmth and evokes a sense of luxury into the space. Kitchen drawer handles, tap wear and sinks are perfect places to start. Contrast the warm tones with natural materials such as marble, concrete or timber. The effect is a little glamourous. On a side note, brass is made from a copper and zinc, both of which are germicidal and antimicrobial, which means brass taps won’t breed bacteria. That’s practically self cleaning and who doesn’t love that?

Lighting is another opportunity where copper and brass works wonders in a room. A cluster over the dining table, pendants across a breakfast bar or directional lighting in the hallway. You will love the elegance it brings to your living space. If you can, try and find a pendant with a contrasting inner skin, this detail will just add to the unique sophistication of the fitting.

Enhance and update your bedroom with beautiful warm metallic accents. I love the aesthetic that pendants create hanging over bedside tables. They act as a focal point upon entering the room and add striking symmetry. Partner a pair of pendants with a moody charcoal wall or grassweave navy wallpaper, and rich linen bedhead and you have a sophisticated space.

The smallest details make a difference in the bathroom. Think a beautiful deco doorknob or contemporary shower tapware, lift the level of luxury in your bathroom with the addition of copper and brass. Contrast these fittings with matt black accents and juxtaposing wall finishes to achieve cohesion. Charcoal herringbone tiles or white penny tiles are my topic pick as they marry perfectly with this on trend palette. 

Caitlan N

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