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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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A Quick Guide To Buying A New Bed

Thinking about buying a new bed this year? Coco Republic Interior Designer Jase Campbell shares his top tips and insights on finding the right design for you.

Miles Bed by Coco Republic. View Here >

What’s trending in beds for the New Year? 

We are seeing a surge in fully upholstered beds with simple lines and details in their design. Block colours in striking hues complete the modern and sophisticated look that’s making its presence known right now.

Miami Upholstered Bed by Max Sparrow. View Here >

What about 4-poster beds?

Four poster beds are the luxury bedroom item we all want and 2020 is no exception. Metallic accents and delicate detailed lines are what we’re seeing a lot of lately, there’s nothing ‘traditional’ about these beds.

What are the most important things to ask yourself or consider when choosing a bed?

1) How much space do you have? Do you have room for a four poster bed or will introducing this make your room feel over-crowded?

2) What other pieces do you have in your space? Will the introduction of a bright colour complement your space or over-power it?

3) Are you working with a minimal-style space or can you afford to introduce something a touch more decorative to suit your room with a traditional flair?

Is the height of your bed important? 

Height is all subjective and comes down to your preference. The higher your bed, the more luxurious it will look but high isn’t always right. If you’re leaning towards a minimal look with clean lines, a low bed will complement this look while a more luxe interior can handle a bit of height – just make sure you can comfortably get in and out!

Florette Bed by Max Sparrow. View Here >

Slatted vs box-spring bases?

A slatted base will translate into a less rigid mattress and a lighter move when you’re on the move however a box-spring base can provide more back support, especially if you prefer a firmer mattress density. Both are similar in price and are equally as accessible. I prefer a slatted bed base; the lightness and lack of bulk open up a great opportunity for under-bed storage.

What do you recommend for beds in small spaces?

Choosing a bed for a small space is easy, just keep it simple! An upholstered bed will always elevate a space, no matter how big it is. Keep your upholstery simple and use a block colour for added impact. A tall bedhead will provide the illusion of height and draw your eye up, but a bed end will make the space feel smaller. Plus, let the end of your bed breathe so no ottomans or benches.

What are three designs you are specifying for your clients right now?

Manhattan Dark Oak Bed
Queen RRP $3,125
Max Sparrow
View Here >

Cannes Bed
Queen RRP $2,795
Coco Republic
View Here >

Chamonix Bed
Queen RRP $2,795
Coco Republic
View Here >

Want more bedroom inspiration from Coco Republic and Max Sparrow from our latest interior projects and designs available in store now? Peruse the gallery below.



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