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By the Sea: Hampton’s Home

Architect Frank Greenwald is best known for his iconic traditional Hamptons style designs, including Ralph Lauren’s homes in New York and Jamaica. However, when it came to designing his own home, he wanted to push the boundaries of his usual mould. As you can imagine, expectations were high:

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“There’s all this pressure. What is he going to build? What is it going to look like? You have so many ideas in your head. Singling out one is very difficult.” Greenwald explained.

Taking influence from his past portfolio, Greenwald mixed his renowned Hamptons aesthetic with a contemporary edge, clean lines and minimalist detailing – the stand out design feature the prominent square windows repeated throughout the home.  The colour palette was kept fresh with natural dark timber windows and doorframes adding natural character to the home and playing on the coastal/nautical theme.

Interior design details were conceived by Manhattan design firm, Foley & Cox, who had collaborated with Greenwald on Ralph Lauren’s home and who have a sophisticated, classic American style.  The scheme echoes the character of the architecture, with hemp and jute rugs, crisp linen upholstery and white canvas.  The absence of pattern, in my opinion, does not seem sparse, but instead refined and considered.

See for yourself, what do you think?