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The All Rounder: Working with Teak

Meet teak, the popular all-rounder of the timber world.  Heralding from South East Asia, it’s highly durable, water resistant and versatile enough that it can be transformed into anything from… Read More.


Bike About: Interior Styling for your Two Wheels

The inner city slickers I know who bike about town are extraordinarily attached to their bikes.  Storing them outside their homes, tethered sadly to a streetlight, is not an option. … Read More.


On Trend: Classic Coastal Charm

There is something so classic, sophisticated and serene about a well-designed Hampton’s scheme. Natural and raw is the key to successfully styling in this classic coastal look. I like to mix… Read More.


Lit Up: Styling with Sconces

Let’s be honest here – nothing says casual elegance like a beautifully styled wall sconce.  Sconces are a simple way to add ambience, glamour and bold style to any home. … Read More.


For the Occasion: How to choose the right armchair

Choosing the right occasional chair, or armchair can be a challenge.  It is a signature piece in a living setting that can make or break the design.  A great armchair… Read More.


Styling Vignettes 101

Vignettes are such a stylish way to add interest to home. Collections of curiosities and personal affects create an inviting atmosphere and can showcase some of the best features of… Read More.


Brown Paper Chic – Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Special, memorable and creative, here are some beautiful ways to embellish brown paper, into perfectly styled gifts. This is my favourite look for the season.  It’s always a Christmas classic,… Read More.


A Compact Christmas: Decorating a Small Space

With Christmas just around the corner, the count down is on for adding the final decorative touches to your home.  If you’re one of the growing number of people living… Read More.


Shaking It Up: Shaker Style on Trend

Today we have time for a bit of a history lesson: The Shakers were a religious group that formed in 18th-century England.  They branched off mainstream Protestantism and shared simple,… Read More.


Starry Night: Styling for the Festive Season

Every time Christmas comes around, my pinterest suddenly becomes clogged with all manner of festive décor ideas; Christmas trees crafted out of balloons, DIY wreaths cut out of paper, feather… Read More.


Think Tin: Pressed Ceilings on Trend

On discovering the stunning pressed tin wall tiling in Melbourne’s Grocery Bar Redux Cafe, I admit I have been fascinated by this finish.  A nod to a time time when… Read More.


Styling for Sale: Hampton’s Living

Coco Republic Property Styling’s latest project, an elegant family home located in Sydney’s up-market harbour-side suburb of Mosman, has been installed with a comfortable, coastal “Hampton’s” style scheme to ensure… Read More.


Shopping for the Perfect Kilim with Cadrys

With over 60 years in business across three generations, it’s clear the Cadry’s family have a particular passion for sourcing hand-woven rugs.  buy oem software order glasses online An expert… Read More.


Feng Shui At Home

After travelling through Hong Kong recently I have been really fascinated at the importance of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui – especially it’s prominence in such a metropolitan… Read More.


The Design X Factor

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the what makes a room incredible – what makes it stand out, why does it make people stop and turn their heads?… Read More.


Cocktail Hour: The Perfect Home Bar

If you’ve tuned into the first few episodes of the new season of Mad Men recently, you’ll understand my latest obsession with timeless glassware, cocktail classics and late night entertaining… Read More.


Selling your Home: Making the Move

As a property stylist, my job is to get the most out of your home when it goes on the market – so over the years I’ve learned a thing… Read More.


Flower Power: Your Own Window Box

It really is true that the simple things in life bring us the most pleasure.  On my travels through Europe and again in Charleston USA, I was enchanted by the… Read More.


Selling Your Home: Getting Ready For Market

As a property stylist, my job is to get the most out of your home when it goes on the market – so over the years I’ve learnt a thing… Read More.


Getting it Right: Wall Creative

Your home should be a reflection of you and all the things you love to surround yourself with.   And the best place to make your mark is on your walls… Read More.


On Trend: Insta-decorating

Not long after the tragic demise of the Polaroid camera came Instagram, a social media network that revived our lust for those cute little, vintage-looking instant photographs.  The only problem… Read More.


It’s Hard Choosing Hardware

One thing I don’t count myself an expert on is choosing architectural hardware.  However, I do understand that choosing the right hardware can make or break an interior design.   Whether… Read More.


Living Walls; Garden City

For many, living in the city often means giving up your green thumb entirely, save for a window box of herbs and a pot plant or two.  Now though, we’re… Read More.


Loft Living

Think high ceilings, wide blank spaces and walls of glass – loft interiors can be tricky spaces to decorate, but when done well, can become a strikingly individual, comfortable home.… Read More.