Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

The Perfect Floral Arrangement

Often there is nothing better than coming home to beautiful fresh floral at home. Even just one vase is such a simple way to introduce colour, subtle scents or layers of lush foliage.… Read More.


How To: Styling Your Rental Home

Gone are the days where renting a house or apartment limited your sense of style. Lifestyle is often a big factor in the rent vs buy debate and with no… Read More.

Max Sparrow

Styling for the Foreign Property Market

As a result of the substantial influx of foreign investment in the Australian property market, it is no surprise that property stylists are now considering the Asian purchaser more than… Read More.

Caitlan N

Wallpaper: Pattern on Pattern

I love to add interest in an interior with beautiful wallpaper and my number one rule is; patterns don’t have to match. One of the best ways to mix patterns with… Read More.


How To: Choosing Bold Upholstery

The shelf life of an upholstery piece is often only as long as the fabric it is covered in.  And choosing the right fabric for your sofa or occasional chair… Read More.

Beth F

How To: Selecting The Right Rug

Adding a rug is a powerful thing and I like to give credit where credit is due. Not only can they define a space, they inject colour, texture and often a soft… Read More.

Alexandra D

The Bohemian Home

This month I’m taking cues from the gypsies and the bohemians when it comes to styling my home. There is something irresistibly relaxing about a space layered with carefree style.… Read More.

Beth F

Styling Cushions 101

Savvy styling with cushions is an art. There is so much more to consider than simple colour or pattern selection. I speak with Wendy Schmalkuche, Property Stylist for Coco Republic… Read More.

Caitlan N

Breakfast Bars: The New Dining Room

The breakfast bar has become a staple in new build homes and apartments with open plan living more desirable than ever. Casual living is enticing and the kitchen has quickly… Read More.

Caitlan N

A Buyer’s Guide to Sofas

Deep, comfortable sofas in neutral tones with hard wearing and soft to touch, textured fabrics are the focus for 2015. For a Family I’m often asked what sofas are the… Read More.

Sarah Muir

Tongue in Chic: Interiors with Humour

In the after math of the Christmas ‘silly season’, I thought it fitting to take a look at some of the interiors spaces I love that don’t take themselves too… Read More.

Beth F

Alfresco Dining

I get more than a little excited at this time of year – not only is there festive cheer in the air but Summer is here, which means long warm… Read More.


On Colour and Pattern: Where to block, where to pop

Many people feel utterly daunted by the prospect of working with colour and pattern. While they may know what they like, they also know, usually from bitter experience, how easily… Read More.

Greg Natale

The Art of Styling Your Coffee Table

I have to agree with The Chicago Tribune when it said that instead of ink blots, Rorschach might have done well to focus on coffee tables, given they can reveal… Read More.

Greg Natale

Renter’s Style: Reinventing the Study

What does your study say about you? If I’m getting the grand tour of a home, study spaces captivate my attention the most. I feel like I’m getting a special… Read More.


Styling with Crystals

Thinking about adding some positive energy to your home?  Some people subscribe to the healing powers of crystals strategically placed in the home to eliminate negative energy and add balance. … Read More.

Beth F

Behind the Study: Coco Republic Design School

The brief:  Decorate and style a penthouse for a boutique hotel in the location of your choice – rainforest, beach or city. My heart skipped a beat when I read… Read More.


Make me Blush: Pastel Pink on Trend

It’s a colour combo the fashion world have found impossible to resist this season – pastel pink paired with monochrome black and white.  Its soft and elegant, yet unexpectedly mature. … Read More.

Beth F

Winter Entertaining

Entertaining friends and family in Winter is the perfect excuse to warm up the house and have fun with decorating your dinner table. I like to use simple, crisp white… Read More.

Alexandra D

Making the Most of the Mantle

A statement fireplace can have a dramatic impact on a living space. The perfect perch for displaying collected curiosities and your favourite décor pieces, a fireplace becomes a focal point… Read More.

Caitlan N

The All Rounder: Working with Teak

Meet teak, the popular all-rounder of the timber world.  Heralding from South East Asia, it’s highly durable, water resistant and versatile enough that it can be transformed into anything from… Read More.


Bike About: Interior Styling for your Two Wheels

The inner city slickers I know who bike about town are extraordinarily attached to their bikes.  Storing them outside their homes, tethered sadly to a streetlight, is not an option. … Read More.

Beth F

On Trend: Classic Coastal Charm

There is something so classic, sophisticated and serene about a well-designed Hampton’s scheme. Natural and raw is the key to successfully styling in this classic coastal look. I like to mix… Read More.


Lit Up: Styling with Sconces

Let’s be honest here – nothing says casual elegance like a beautifully styled wall sconce.  Sconces are a simple way to add ambience, glamour and bold style to any home. … Read More.

Beth F