Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Peninsula Hotel, Paris

Hong Kong’s finest hotel has finally made its way to Europe, and in true Peninsula style, it has truly made it’s mark on the luxury hotel scene. Having stayed at… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

Nine Hours Hotel

Who doesn’t love sleep?  If you say you don’t, you’re lying.  All of us humans need it, and almost everyone would agree there is nothing better than a solid night’s… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

Hotel Les Deux Tours, Marrakech

The Hotel Les Deux Tours in Marrakech – I recently stayed at this amazing place when we visited Marrakech end of May this year. It is a little oasis located… Read More.


Inspirational Interiors: Country Manor

Evoking a sense of romance and nostalgia, a country aesthetic is one that I admire deeply. Combining rustic chic design with beautiful pieces, a modern country manor feels inviting and… Read More.

Caitlan N

City Living by Coco Republic Property Styling

The suburb of Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west is known for its character and individuality. Now a burgeoning real estate hotspot, Coco Republic Property Styling was commissioned to style a… Read More.


What’s On: Alexander & Co

Alexander & Co (the Sydney based Architecture and Interior Design company I established in 2013) has had an exciting 2014 so far. Most recently we were honored at the Belle… Read More.

Jeremy Bull

A Winter Retreat

Winter is here – finally! – and with the record heat we’ve had in Australia this past summer nothing is more appealing and exotic than this elegant Winter Retreat in… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

The New Centennial Hotel Sydney

The Centennial Hotel in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs has just undergone an extensive makeover, which should see the famous venue re-establish itself as one of Sydney’s top drinking and dining destinations.… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

Design Hotel: Nobis, Stockholm

During my stay in Sweden recently, I stayed at the acclaimed Nobis Hotel in Stockholm.  In a stunning historic 19th century building right in the centre of Stockholm (in Norrmalmstorg… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

Top Nosh in Stockholm

Whilst in Stockholm last week my wife took me to a fantastic restaurant I have been dying to share with you – Nosh and Chow. She had heard about it… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

Swedish Inspiration: Svenskt Tenn

One of the wonderful benefits of having a beautiful Swedish wife is that I get to visit the country often. And without a doubt, it is definitely one of my… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

High on the Hill: Hotel Endemico, Mexico

Staggered among boulders on a secluded hill in the wine-growing region of Valle de Guadalupe, the luxury cabins of Hotel Endemico introduce guests to the stark wilderness of the great… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

New on the Block: The Rushcutters, Sydney

Newly launched The Rushcutters, in Ruschcutters Bay, is set to be one of Sydney’s staple restaurant institutions with its vast, yet relaxed interiors and it’s casual dining menu. Keystone have… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

An English Rose: The Rosewood, London

Brand spanking new luxury hotel, Rosewood London, has flung its lobby doors wide to reveal a beautifully chic interior.  Set in a central location close to Covent Garden, the Edwardian… Read More.

Beth F

Goat Town NYC

Nestled away in Manhattan’s East is Goat Town, a NY bar that cleverly re-imagines authentic vintage design into an intriguing hospitality space. Created by interior, lighting and furniture designers Evan… Read More.

Beth F

Sass & Bide at Home: Sarah Jane Clarke’s Sydney Sanctuary

I’m a long-term admirer of the Australian fashion label Sass & Bide and an even bigger fan of the inspirational design duo behind the brand: Heidi Middleton and Sarah Jane… Read More.


The Sunset Room: The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

I’d like to share a recent project from the team here at Alexander and Co – the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel Sunset Room.  Perched on the beautiful West facing Watson’s… Read More.

Jeremy Bull

Havana Club On Trend

The Havana Club trend feels perfect for this season, not only because it involves so many tactile textures, bold patterns and works so perfectly with the “of the moment” colour… Read More.

Steve Cordony

California Paradise: Courteney Cox at Home

Did you know T.V Actress Courteney Cox (known best for her roles on the tv sitcoms ‘Friends’ & ‘Cougar Town’) aspired to be an architect before she hit Hollywood?  In… Read More.


Spring on Trend: Cardell Road

The seasons are a-changing.  Spring has sprung here in Sydney, and with it, arrives a new energy and a fresh outlook.  Here are my tips and top Spring trends, to… Read More.


Coco Republic Interior Design’s Woolwich Home

Coco Republic Interior Design complete the Woolwich Home, an extensive full-scale interior design project aimed at breathing life back into an impressive Federation building and housing the clients enviable contemporary… Read More.

Beth F

Smart Design: David Collins Studio

As an interior designer myself, the work of UK based designer David Collins has been a true inspiration to me for many years. After the tragic news of his death,… Read More.


Inspired By: Herringbone Floors

One of my all time favourite interior finishes is Herringbone flooring. Having just bought my first home, a run-down 100-year-old terrace in Surry Hills, there is not a lot I… Read More.


Styling for Sale: Hampton’s Living

Coco Republic Property Styling’s latest project, an elegant family home located in Sydney’s up-market harbour-side suburb of Mosman, has been installed with a comfortable, coastal “Hampton’s” style scheme to ensure… Read More.

Beth F