Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Dark Days in 2017

We’ve seen a lot of colour last year featured in two different forms of intensity: saturated and muted palettes. We had rich botanical greens, bright reds, pinks, as well as deep… Read More.

Max Sparrow

The Beach House

A home need not be rife with anchors, shells, and maritime flags to have a soothing, coastal feel. Let me introduce you to my ideal modern beach house. Drawing a palette… Read More.

Caitlan N

Timber & Wicker: Modern Tribal Design

I’ve been lucky enough to live in the most remote parts of South East Asia and the South Pacific, and what inspired me the most was the clever use of… Read More.

Max Sparrow

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

British chef Heston Blumenthal is regarded as one of the world’s finest. I was fortunate enough to visit his Mayfair venue, Dinner By Heston Blumenthal, in 2015 and The Fat Duck… Read More.

Caitlan N

Blue For Calming Interiors

There is no denying the calming effect of blue. Each shade and hue is cool and serene, from pale baby blues to moody indigos. Colour psychology offers associating terms including trust, peace, order and… Read More.

Caitlan N

Vibe Hotel by Bates Smart

When I think of airport hotels I think of dark, stuffy spaces filled with dated furniture – there’s nothing left to be desired when it comes to this type of… Read More.

Max Sparrow

Light Filled Interiors

Creating a chic, dreamy interior for spring and summer is a lot easier than you think, especially when you focus on one design aspect at a time. This post is… Read More.


Musling Restaurant, Copenhagen

I don’t know if it’s because of my love for a monochromatic masculine space, but the Musling Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, has really caught my eye. Local design firm Space… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

Greenery; Colour Of The Year

Pantone have released their top colour picks for 2017, and things are looking fresh and bright. Introducing Greenery: a “tangy yellow-green” inspired by vibrant foliage with an intention to help us all… Read More.

Caitlan N

Five Minutes With Textile Designer Grace Garrett

I love the idea of designing your own rug completely tailored to your own space. As Homewares Buyer for Coco Republic, I wanted a bespoke touch to our rug collection and… Read More.

Beth F

Striking Structural Details

What would your dream home look like if you could design a plan starting from a blank page?  The architectural details of the property are more than just the foundations of… Read More.

Max Sparrow

Pure Luxury: The Upholstered Bedhead

Hotel luxury at home. Think sumptuous velvets, linens, and leathers. Dreamy spaces to rest and unwind. Breakfast in bed and time out from a busy travel schedule. Introduce a boutique hotel… Read More.

Alexandra D

On Trend: Desert Wanderer

We’re expecting the use of more concentrated colours being used within an organic and natural aesthetic, which is in focus at the moment, and the perfect colour palette for this… Read More.

Max Sparrow

Art Deco Style by Max Sparrow

Art Deco was a style popular in the 20’s through to the 40’s, exuding glamour and luxury through the rich colours, bold geometry, and impeccable detail. The mixture between soft… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

Music To The Home

I’ve noticed a trend as I flick through pages of my favourite international design magazines and after trawling Pinterest. Musical instruments are the new statement art. Whether you have a piano,… Read More.

Caitlan N

Swedish Minimalism Meets Colour

A Scandinavian interior has been really popular especially over the last few years. The light, monochromatic and minimalist aesthetic really appeals to our friends in Northern Europe as they’re often… Read More.

Caitlan N

The Palace of Versailles

There is something about walking the halls of Palace of Versailles that makes time stop. You can almost hear the orchestra playing in the theatre and see Marie Antoinette sitting on… Read More.

Daniela Frougas

VyTa Santa Margherita, Florence

Florence is a beautiful, quiet city filled with narrow lanes and old traditional buildings topped off with red terracotta-tiled roofs, which is why the super cool and contemporary interior of… Read More.

Max Sparrow

L’Hôtel du Ministère, Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful places in the world for its architecture. Think cobblestone streets and heritage buildings from periods including Gothic and Renaissance blended amongst contemporary design. My love for the… Read More.

Anthony Spon-Smith

Royal Exchange Grind, London

Many of us can’t start the day off without a nice cup of coffee or tea, and what better way to do this than in the stunningly sophisticated and fresh… Read More.

Caitlan N

Christmas Decoration Ideas for City Dwellers

You know we’re getting close to Christmas when the local shopping centres start bringing out the oversized Christmas trees and hanging gold ornaments. Along with the present-buying and card-sending comes the… Read More.

Max Sparrow

The Home Bar

A 70’s influence in the home is prevalent right now and with that comes the home bar. Layering more is more. Think glossy, lacquer cabinetry, glass and antique mirror shelving… Read More.


Design Spotlight: Luminous Lighting

When it comes to interior design there are a few main features that really make or break a space, and lighting has got to be one of the most important.… Read More.

Caitlan N

The Making of The Grenade Vase

Jonathan Adler is renowned for making unique homewares and has never shied away from anything too audacious.  The Grenade Vases certainly do not lack in the craftsmanship and detail that Jonathan has… Read More.

Caitlan N