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Salvaging The Old Into The New

Timothy Oulton is well known for his obsession with creating character filled, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces from Genuine English Reclaimed Timber. Such materials are salvaged from abandoned buildings in the UK which include the likes of distilleries and old barns. Once the timber reaches the Timothy Oulton workshop it is sorted, graded and de-nailed by hand.

There is certainly beauty in fashioning the old into something new that the modern lifestyle can enjoy and appreciate.

Each piece of timber is unique and shows evidence of its former life, which Timothy Outlton embraces. He believes in celebrating and preserving all of the ‘imperfections’ and pays respect to the story and history of each piece. The idea that things become more beautiful over time is proven in his results.

The new Timothy Oulton Causeway Extension Dining Table is handcrafted from century old reclaimed timber, paved in a brickwork pattern along it’s robust top and has a slightly uneven surface for a more natural and rustic feel.

The design, which makes for a perfect relaxing environment, provides an impeccable platform to share casual and hearty meals with family and friends. The Causeway extends with minimum effort to seat from six to 12 people which makes it the ultimate dining table selection for families and entertainers.

As Timothy calls it, “a relaxed podium for convival dinner parties.”

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