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Centuries Collide: The House of Patrick Gilles and Dorothee Boissier

Renowned architecture and design duo Patrick Gilles and Dorothee Boissier (of Gilles and Boissier) have announced the completion of their perfect home; a 19th century renovated apartment-cum-21st century art gallery located on Boulevard Malesherbes in Paris.

Even before the renovation, the apartment had all the right elements in place – high ceiling, large open space, French windows and classical molding.  Great care was taken to preserve the building’s original herringbone woodwork and paneling, while a soft palette of off-white was applied to the walls to create a complimentary base for the couple’s outstanding collection of contemporary art.  The photography has been sourced from acte2galerie, a contemporary art gallery owned by Gilles and Boissier’s close friend, Alexander Percy.  On of my favourite is the horse photograph by Steven Klein, positioned casually in the hallway.

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As you may have guessed, much of the furniture and lighting was designed by the owners themselves, allowing ultimate creative control for the designers.  The stand out is the custom made dining table in the kitchen, a narrow elegant marble and wood creation that perfectly combines the contemporary and traditional – a theme that continues throughout the home.

Surprisingly, the new design is child friendly, with each room put together with space for the couple’s two children to run a-muck.


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