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Champeaux Restaurant, Paris

As you might already have noticed, here on Field Notes we’ve written quite a number of articles about beautiful Parisian haunts. The French have always had a flair for design and it’s really no wonder that the many stunning hotels, restaurants and fashion stores popping up all throughout the glamorous city are all worthy of mentioning. There is one new restaurant in particular that has caught my eye, and it is none other than Champeaux – a modern day French brasserie by chef Alain Ducasse, orchestrated by the super talented multidisciplinary design firm Ciguë.

Located in the centre of Paris, you’ll find this bright and welcoming brasserie. Behind its large bay windows lays black quilted eather banquette seating paired with tan leather chairs (enough to seat 180 people); gorgeous terrazzo flooring, which ties in with the terrazzo that features in the dining tables as well as on the brushed aluminium and stainless steel bar. The real feature, however, is the green hued stucco plaster wall showcasing a brilliant airport-style electronic billboard that displays the daily menu.

Streamlined silhouettes mixed with classic materials and exposed industrial piping makes for the perfect mix of classic and contemporary, which I feel perfectly compliments Alain Ducasses’ menu of sweet and salty treats.

Next time you visit the City of Lights be sure to visit Champeaux, under the Canopée in the newly developed Forum des Halles.

Max Sparrow